Welcome to Plantsboss

PlantsBoss, founded in 2020 by an Australian expat with a deep passion for plants, is the green haven you've been searching for. We believe in the therapeutic power of plants, especially in the midst of the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong.

Our journey began with a focus on importing and exporting premium rare plants to clients in the USA, Europe, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. However, we've since grown to offer more than just exotic greens. We're your trusted source for festive plants such as Christmas Trees and Chinese New Year Orchids and Flowers. And our expertise in landscape design transforms residential and commercial spaces into lush, vibrant oases.

Join us in bringing the beauty and tranquility of plants into your world and let us turn your spaces into works of green art. Together, we'll continue to enrich YOUR LIFE with the magic of PLANT THERAPY!